Famiglia Windsor

There is no doubt that the rest of the world is obsessed with the English royal family, and that that is not an understatement. It is clear to see why they would love the gossip, the drama and the stories that circulate about the royal family. In recent years the English royals have been in magazines more than usual, although not always for the right reasons. This is all very well but what do Londoners really think about the monarchy?

Of course, there are those Londoners who passionately adore the monarchy. These recite the national anthem as they camp beside the Thames to see the Queen during her procession down the Thames to celebrate her Golden Jubilee. I do happen to know people like this but this isn’t very common.

Most people fall in the category of “I don’t really care for them; however, they do bring tourism which is good for the country”. This is a fair point and explains why nearly half of Londoners believe that the monarchy is a unifying force in England. Many people though just “love the gossip” despite the fact that even though they don’t have any political power, the people’s taxes still pay for the royals and their lifestyle. Having said all this, only 37% of Londoners said they were genuinely interested in the royal wedding. I firmly believe that this statistic would of have been much higher had the questionnaire taken place in Italy.

A great number of the people I know claim that the monarchy is “out-dated” and attention seeking. It’s understandable that one would think so as Kate Middleton and Prince Harry’s inappropriate pictures were released in the same week. I am afraid to say that I do fall into this category; I simply don’t see the point of them. I am sure they bring publicity and tourism to the country but firstly it’s not always for the best reasons and secondly, wouldn’t English royal palaces be better off without the royals living inside them. Imagine visiting London and being able to see inside the palaces without and restrictions, just like it’s possible to do this in Paris and other European cities.

Overall, most Londoners think that the monarchy is there, it doesn’t have any power and it brings tourism into the country; however, most Londoners aren’t the crazy, patriotic, monarchy-adoring people that the most of Europe thinks we are. The cause of this is that the population of London is mainly foreign with less than 45% of Londoners being British. In conclusion, Londoners are indifferent to the monarchy and would label themselves as “royalist” or “patriotic”.

Maria Bassi, reporter from England

“My name is Maria, I was born and I live in London but both my parents are Italian. I love reading and going out to experience all the amazing things London has to offer. I also love travelling and have visited many places”