Madelen Mikalsen Zhamilya Sagyndykova Kubatbekovna Nina Lange
a) Name:
Madelen Mikalsen Zhamilya Sagyndykova Kubatbekovna Nina Lange
b) Age:
18 17 17
c) Nationality:
Norwegian Kyrgyz German
d) School:
Malakoff VGS American University of Central Asia’16 Rosa-Luxemburg-Oberschule
e) Can you think of three adjectives to define the people from your country?
Rich, adventurous and patriotic Hospitable, patriotic, modest Tidy, studious, open-minded
f) List the first three things that come your mind up when I say Italy.
Pasta, Pizza and the mafia Spaghetti, dolce vita, the Exchange students I met who is actually the interviewer herself 1 – Most influential country during the Renaissance
(art, music, architecture)
2 – Catholic church plays a major role, residence of the pope
3 – Popular country to go on holidays for the Germans

(we all love pizza, pasta, wine…)

g) Which is, in your opinion, the best thing about your country to make the Bradipo readers become the next tourists?
It seems like our incredible nature is a huge part of why people visit Norway. If you love mountains and hiking, Kyrgyzstan is the best place to visit. 😉 Interesting history, multifaceted landscape, castles, great music festivals.
h) What is your favorite local dish?
“Kjøttkaker I brun saus”. If you directly translate it, it means “meat cakes in brown sauce”. Meat cakes are kind of the same thing as meatballs, just a lot bigger and flatter. We usually have potatoes and vegetables with it as well. Besh-barmak (meat and dough), ash (rice,meat,carrots), ayran (like yoghurt, but it is a bit sour). Hmm, actually I’m not the biggest fan of the German cuisine nevertheless I couldn’t live without German (dark!) bread and chocolate…
i) What does a girl usually do in your country for fun?
We have girls nights, where we watch movies and just talk for hours. Kind of what is most known as an “American sleepover”. We also party a lot and if we have the opportunity to travel around Europe or some other country, we will! I cannot exactly speak for every single girl in Norway, but these are some of my personal favorites. Well, it depends on girl’s character, I guess. For example, let’s take me. On Saturday I’m going to the social club called House 163 for seeing new animated cartoons of Kyrgyz animators. I think it’s gonna be fun. And past weekends one of my classmates came to Kyrgyzstan from Turkey for a break, and we went to a cafe-club with my friends to eat, talk, and have fun. There are many events that go on in here, like Book forums , Leadership stuff, or just going to restaurants or clubs to have fun. Going out with friends, music, movies… I don’t think any different than elsewhere.
j) Which are the chances women have in the job world in your country?
I would say there’s a pretty big chance of employment in Norway. Both men and women are of course, in theory, supposed to have the same opportunities, which I would say, they mostly have. Well, It depends on situation. If a woman wants to work, she works, if she wants to be a housewife, she becomes a housewife. However, women from villages mostly choose to be housewives. Of course, if they are educated enough, they have all the chances. In my opinion there is no difference or “traditional role“ for women in Germany. Women and men are treated equally. I mean, we have a female head of government!
k) Why did you decide to go to USA and study English?
Actually it was quite spontaneous. I just figured out that I’d never get a chance like that again, and that I would most likely regret not going for the rest of my life. So I went for it, and it is without a doubt, the best decision I have ever made. First of all, English is the most used language through which the whole world communicates. Second of all, I love international people and cultures! Therefore, I thought that coming to the US would be one of the best decisions that I ever had made, and now I totally understand why. People, whoever is reading it right now, if you like international stuff, then just do it (Nike). Do not wait till you grow up or blah blah blah, just go for it! I wanted to have a year “off” far away from home, to try new things, to get to know a different culture and to meet great people.
Since I watched the TV show “Gilmore Girls” I had my own personal “American Dream” and I wanted to experience high school and to improve my English.
l) Say bye to Bradipo friends in your language.
Hade Bradipo’s venner! Jakshy kalgyla/Korushkoncho 😀 Tschüss und bis bald